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Q & A asked about the EZ-Lock fleet control system

What happens if I try to start my company vehicle without having an EZ-Lock Control transmitter with me? The vehicle will not start until it detects an EZ-Lock Control transmitter.

How many Control transmitters or Wireless PINs may be programmed to each vehicle? A master transmitter will operate any vehicle or machine in the fleet. The company may distribute an unlimited of transmitters. Each vehicle can have as many as 6 individual devices programmed into the memory.

If I have questions about my EZ-Lock system, how do I get the answers? You may call DSS direct @ 888 NO THEFT for information. 888notheft.com is our web site address.

If I add EZ-Lock to other vehicles or heavy equipment can I use the same Control transmitter to start them all? Yes, EZ-Lock Control transmitters can be programmed into an unlimited number of vehicles. An ignition key is required with the Control transmitter and a programming transmitter.

 Is it necessary for me to have EZ-Lock since I have an alarm already? If you want a second layer of protection to stop the thief that knows about common alarms, yes. Most alarms all work the same. This helps a thief use code grabbers, stun guns, wire cutters and transmitters to beat the system in seconds. EZ-Lock is the hot new product and the information to override the system is hard to get. EZ-Lock is undetectable once installed.

What level of quality is EZ-Lock? EZ-Lock is manufactured to meet all automotive standards and is ISO9003 rated along with FCC approved. Every module is inspected and tested before it is installed. Our installation team performs a field test on every install for final quality control. EZ-Lock is installed without cutting any wires. The durability and longevity of this product is unparalleled in our industry.

If I lose my Control transmitter, how can I replace them? You may contact the issuing dealer or call 888 NO THEFT to have new Control transmitters or Wireless PINs programmed into your vehicle.

My neighbor has EZ-Lock, can their Control transmitter start my company vehicle? No. Only if you have it programmed into the memory of your fleet during the original programming process.

How does EZ-Lock work?  EZ-Lock is a transmitter / receiver system and functions like a small walkie-talkie set.  When the EZ-Lock Control transmitter is within twenty feet of the vehicle and in motion, the Control transmitter and control module transmit a digital code to authorize the vehicle’s starter to enable. Without a correctly coded Control transmitter, the system will not allow the vehicle to start.

Are all the key chains the same?  No, EZ-Lock has over 4.5 billion different digital codes. Each is as unique as a thumb print.

How do I replace the batteries? Instructions are in the owner’s manual. Remove the two screws on the back of the PI and insert the new battery.

Can the Motion transmitter be changed to not work automatically? Yes, hold the button down on the PI until the light turns to Red. It must be held for 8 seconds.

How long is the EZ-Lock system guaranteed for?  Three years. Please refer to the back of our product registration form for complete terms.

What will happen if I loose my keys?  The best protection from loss is to make sure the customer has purchased an “EZ-Lock Wireless PIN”. If not, please call our 888 NO THEFT # and the customer can purchase a replacement Control transmitter. In the case of emergency, DSS can get the vehicle started over the phone.

What is the EZ-Lock Wireless PIN? It is a back up transmitter that works like the Control transmitter. It can be affixed to a location within the vehicle or machine. When an operator dose not have a personal controller they can use the wireless PIN, as long as they have been given the code to enter. No thief would understand how to use the Wireless PIN to start the vehicle even if they notice it.

How do I use the EZ-Lock Wireless PIN?  Enter in the 4 digit secret code and hit the send button. The vehicle will be able to start for the next 30 seconds.

How is the EZ-Lock system installed? I varies for each vehicle, We provide complete instructions and most installs take less than 15 minutes.

Can a thief beat the EZ-Lock system? If a professional has enough time and knowledge he can beat any system. The best way to keep your company vehicle safe is to have several layers of protection.


Thank you for learning about the EZ-Lock fleet control system. For any additional questions or comments, please talk to your management team or contact us.