Heavy equipment Tracking anywhere in the USA you have cell service! Receive a text if your machine moves without being started! Hidden and unbeatable, Thieves don't have a chance! Half the price of LoJack
With your order you receive, 1 No theft GPS tracking module, first year of web service and smart phone personal tracking command center, toll free theft assistance hot line and easy do-it-yourself installation instructions. Renewal per additional year is only $85.00!
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LoJack comparison to No Theft GPS


Price: One-time fee: $695 MSRP; $995 with an early warning feature. Like other dealer options, prices are negotiable.

How to get it: Sold as a stand-alone, dealer-installed option, usually at time of vehicle sale; LoJack trains dealer service technicians how to install it.

Technology: Radio frequency sends out a wave that is detected by a unit installed into some of the police cars. It has a read range of around 5 miles. When you report a vehicle theft the police activate the unit. If the stolen vehicle is detected by an installed police car and there is not a more urgent situation, the police will follow an indicator arrow pointing in the direction of the signal. The warmer, colder method. LoJack was founded in ‎Massachusetts 1986, 30 year old technology.

Pros: Tied directly into NCIC crime computer and local police departments; 90 percent recovery rate; money-back guarantee if car isn't recovered within 24 hours.

Cons: Cost. Only available in 26 states and Washington, D.C. (those with the highest auto theft rates); subscription won't transfer if you buy or sell a car with LoJack already installed, nor can you remove it from a leased vehicle. No one can prove the system is installed in your vehicle, not even LoJack.


No Theft 4g GPS

Price: the unit and first year of private website control center with mobile access is $345.00 not including installation. Additional years are $75 per year.

How to get it: Purchase online at www.notheftgps.com or from a local distributor. Installation is a simple power, ground, and optional run 12 volt positive sense wire. GPS may be installed in many spots in most vehicles and is invisible to a thief. Any stereo alarm shop can install it for about $40.

Technology: 4G cellular mobile network. Our GPS units Include a built in backup battery. If the unit is unplugged, it sends an alert to notify you and continues to track for several hours. GPS is the modern method used by most companies to track and communicate in real time with the installed vehicle or machine. When you access your website control center, you have the capability to see the real time location of vehicle along with several other features. Standard feature include, real time location, low battery, power disconnect, off hour geo fence or landmark exit or entrance, and recovery mode for police to track a stolen vehicle. Many other features may be offered when purchasing our full featured systems. Additional investment is required.

The bottom line

The No Theft GPS system is better in almost all categories. LoJack will say the down side to our product is when there is no cellular communication. The system cannot provide real time location. There is a yearly fee, and internet access is required to access information from the unit. In response, we are less money over a 5 year ownership. We can offer features and benefits as mentioned because you can actually use our system without involving the police to activate the unit. We provide information 24 / 7 and available from any internet access. Our system is transferrable. Our GPS unit is not 30 year old technology. If you are in any city across the country, you will have coverage. When power is cut from our unit, the system alerts you within a minute by email and or text.