How to find the correct module for your machine
The EZ-Lock module is designed to plug-in to the starter relay socket of your machine. To locate your starter relay you may look in your owners manual to find the factory starter relay. The best way to locate the relay in your machine is to unplug the relay and try to start the machine. The machine should not start. Now compare your factory relay with the one of ours that matches it. Here are examples of a Caterpillar and New Holland starter relay. Our solution is the EZM-1.
Caterpillar_starter_relay new_holland_tractor_starter_relay
Cat starter relay / older Cat Relay    EZM-1 Module    New Holland
If your machine is not plug-in compatible, you will want to order the hardwire Unit. Here is the list of EZ-Lock modules we offer.
kubota security module General Motors remote controlled EZ-Lock
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